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Emma is the first advanced AI-coach, built upon the coaching methodology to reshape learning and development.

We invite you to try the BETA-version, officially launching soon.  

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The first advanced AI-coach 

What can Emma do?


Themes: Emma is trained to handle a wide variety of coaching themes, using the science-based coaching methodology as her guiding principle.


Personalised Coaching Conversations: Emma engages in personalised and insightful conversations, adapting her approach to meet individual needs and goals.


Goal Setting: Assist in setting and refining business goals, strategies, and objectives.


Customised Plans: Create personalised performance improvement plans based on individual needs and aspirations.


24/7 Availability: Be accessible for business advice and decision-making at any time.

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Additional benefits

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Customisable: Emma can be tailored to meet the specific coaching needs of your organisation, from leadership development to stress management.


Ease of Use: Onboarding with Emma is straightforward, requiring no training to get started.


Confidential and Secure:  Fully hosted on Azure, Emma is GDPR compliant, ensuring that your data is handled with the utmost confidentiality and integrity. 


Multi-Language Support: Emma can provide coaching in multiple languages, catering to a global workforce.

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Who is Emma?

Emma is a conversational AI coach and is available to everyone with access to the Zebrain platform, extending coaching opportunities beyond those who can access a physical coach via video

Unlike before seen uses of AI chatbots, Emma employs a robust coaching methodology to guide clients in taking control of their own growth journey, rather than simply offering advice.

Using a custom model based on the widely known ChatGPT, Emma leverages cutting-edge neural networks for a more natural and effective coaching experience. The Azure backbone adds an extra layer of security and compliance to the service.

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